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Rogers sixth-graders share outdoor stories

Sixth-grade writers put pencils to paper May 4-5 during the 20th annual Lingle Middle School Outdoors School held at Prairie Creek park on Beaver Lake. Students from the Rogers school picked from a variety of outdoor-related classes, including outdoor writing.

Part of their lesson was writing a story about something they’ve done outdoors. Here are a few.

Family fishing trip

My father loved fishing and he would always beg my mother and me to go, but we weren’t that big on fishing. But one day we thought we could spend the morning at Lake Atalanta in Rogers as a thank you for being such a wonderful father.

I didn’t have a fishing pole, so we went to Walmart and I got a Barbie one. I was 8. We got to the lake and it was empty so we got a great spot. We had a great time trying to fish and my dad had to teach me everything. I didn’t know how to throw it in the lake without dropping the whole pole.

We even brought bread. Out of nowhere a duck started chasing me because I had bread. I got so scared so my brother chased it and the duck repaid the favor. It was truly a time I’ll never forget.


Noise in the night

When we started to hike, we heard a twig snap in the forest. Then we saw deer and an owl. That night a raccoon came and scratched on the window. Dante got a photo of it. Then we couldn’t go back to sleep so I got my glow sticks out and we played with them all night.

Also, before we left, we ate amazing scrambled eggs.


Campfire memories

Mom looked at me when I threw a burning piece of paper on to the pile of sticks.

We had the family over and we burned marshmallows together. The fire warmed me up fast and the sounds of my family talking, laughing and just having a good time soothed me. I looked at mom.

“I’ll never forget this,” I smiled. “Me too,” she said, hugging me.


Sure-footed horse

It was a sunny day at Camp War Eagle and I headed to the horse barn. The vivid greenery surrounded us as we led our horses on a quick trail ride.

Twigs cluttered the ground. Our horses were tromping through the forest passing all kinds of trees. I hadn’t noticed we were going downhill. I managed to lean and help my pony but he still slipped on a rock. He caught himself allowing us not to fall.

My heart flew into my mouth as I held on. I was OK. We marched on.


The lake life

Have you ever had the most amazing time of your life? Like something you’ll never forget? Come to Beaver Lake. You will have so much fun and make so many memories.

Beaver Lake has campsites you can come to. You can bring the family and have the time of your life. You can fish, enjoy the water and definitely be pleased. You can hike or ride your bike.

Trust me, you won’t regret it with all the adventure you can have.


Camping wonders

It was a cold afternoon when I went camping with my family. That morning was nice and warm, but as the sun dropped so did the temperature.

At sunset the wildlife came to life. I realized a small squirrel kept getting closer and closer. So I decided to greet it with some food. Hoping the squirrel would take my peace offering I slowly crept toward it. Surprise! The squirrel took my food. With that I walked away proud as can be.


Seagull gets a sandwich

Six years ago at a warm sunny beach in Ventura, Calif., I was sitting with my family on a blanket eating a peach jam and peanut butter sandwich. I watched some seagulls fly around.

One seagull wanted my sandwich and it got it. The seagull just flew up and took it and squawked. My brother chased the seagull but I never got my sandwich back.


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