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Camp box takes chore out of packing

Visions of relaxing around a crackling fire at deer camp or a lakeside campsite play in the theater of the mind with autumn near.

Anticipation of a great camping trip is half the fun. Packing gear adds to the excitement, so long as it doesn’t take hours or days.

A lot of packing involves gathering all the little knickknacks needed for a comfy campsite. The camp stove might be in the garage while the cook kit is somewhere in a closet. You’ll need salt and pepper for that favorite camp recipe.

Packing becomes easy when you’ve got all these things and more already stored in a handy dandy camp box, ready to go when the lake and woods call. Now just pack some groceries, sleeping gear, tent, a few clothes and you’re off and camping.

A sturdy wooden box or plastic tote makes a fine camp box. Mine stays packed and ready for duty. I can be out the door and camping in an hour. Let’s take a peek inside.

There’s no kitchen sink, but there’s a cook set made just for camping. A big pot with a lid holds everything, including smaller pots and plenty of silverware, even steak knives. There’s no plastic ware in this cook kit. A nonstick frying pan rounds out the cooking gear.

Four aluminum plates go on top of the cook kit. Nest to that is a backpack stove and a one-burner Coleman stove. I could do with just one but I like a back up, and it’s fun to play with all your gadgets in camp. There’s a first aid kit, flashlight and small roll of duct tape.

Spelunkers carry three sources of light, and I like to carry three sources of fire, two lighters and some waterproof matches. There’s a little plastic bottle of charcoal lighter for starting an instant campfire.

The camp box has a one-gallon zipper bag that has a couple more zipper bags inside, a trash bag or two and a long length of folded aluminum foil. Sometimes when I’m headed out the door I’ll toss a roll of paper towels in the box.

The thing I like most about my wooden camp box is the nostalgia behind it. My mom and dad bought me this box when I was 11 for my first year at Boy Scout camp. I’m still using it 50 years later. I’ve replaced the carry handles, but that camp box takes a licking year after year.

Most of my camping is by canoe, and the box fits perfectly in the boat. It’s easy for one person to carry when unloading on a streamside gravel bar, or taking it car camping.

Another way to expedite packing time is to keep all your gear in one place. There’s a little used room at my shack-ri-la where tents, sleeping bags, pads and camp box are stored.

I can’t think of a better way to welcome autumn than to pack your handy camp box and head to your favorite site. Then come back home with the aroma of campfire in your clothes.

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