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NWA Fishing Report


Catching fish has been a challenge after a rise of 10 feet in the lake level and muddy water in most areas.

James Whittle at Hook, Line and Sinker in Rogers said the backs of creek arms are clearing up and white bass are biting in the longer creek arms. Try spoons, white jigs or any minnow-like lure. Crappie are biting fair in the Prairie Creek and Arkansas 12 bridge areas on minnows or jigs eight to 20 feet deep. Fishing is best where water is more stained than muddy. Try jerk baits, crank baits and spinner baits for black bass. Go with jerk baits for walleye.

Mike Whitehouse at Hickory Creek Marina said spider rigging with minnows is a good way to catch crappie. Drift the minnows 10 to 20 feet deep. Striped bass are biting well on brood minnows or shad.

The water on the south end of the lake is muddy with lots of debris. Boaters should be careful.


Lisa Mullins at Beaver Dam Store said trout are biting well for fly fishermen. Try nymphs, midges and micro jigs. The top bait is Power Bait tipped with a waxworm. The best lures are small spoons or Flicker Shad crank baits.

The walleye spawning run on the river hasn’t started yet, she said.


David Powell at the lake office said black bass are biting well on Ned rigs in shallow water. Anglers are trying for white bass with spoons on the upstream portion of the lake, but they’re catching mostly catfish. Crappie are scattered. Try minnows or small jigs four to 20 feet deep.


Mike McBride at the lake bait shop said a few crappie have been caught with jigs. Go with spinner baits for black bass. Liver is best for catfish.


Kenny Stroud in Siloam Springs said black bass are biting a variety of soft-plastic lures two to 20 feet deep. Spinner baits and swim baits may also work.


Stroud recommends fishing for crappie with small jigs five to 10 feet deep.


Nick Gann at Hook, Line and Sinker in Bella Vista said black bass are biting well at all Bella Vista lakes. Try jig and pigs or crank baits.

Trout at Lake Brittany are biting well on Power Bait or small spoons.


Stroud said black bass at Lake Eucha are biting Alabama rigs and jerk baits.


Pete Wenners at Pete’s Professional Guide Service said black bass fishing is tough. The lake level is up about eight feet. Try spinner baits, jerk baits or crank baits along points and channel swings.