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Students learn, write in the outdoors

Hats off today to the fine student writers at Lingle Middle School in Rogers. Sixth-graders attended the 21st annual Lingle Outdoor School held May 3-4 at Prairie Creek park on Beaver Lake.

I’ve been privileged to teach the class on outdoor writing for all of those 21 years. Part of the lesson has students write their own outdoors story from an experience they’ve had outdoors. Reading each of their stories is pure joy. Here are a few from this year.

Family time outdoors


Lingle Middle School

An amazing family vacation or short trip is camping, fishing, hunting or even hiking.

Being outside with your family or friends is a wonderful experience. Learning about nature, breathing the fresh air in the woods is one of my favorite things.

Wildlife like deer, birds or maybe even a raccoon is something you might not see in your everyday life. Taking a small and cheap trip can help you love your world more.

Taking a trip away from pollution and trash everywhere is a life changing experience. Being one with nature is an outstanding way to come closer with family and friends.

Being close with nature and our God is nothing that anyone can explain, how great it makes your heart feel.

Bella Vista rock hop


Lingle Middle School

One summer day my family and I went on a hike at the rocky sides of Lake Bella Vista. We were walking and jumping over piles of rocks.

It was an hour and a half of going through rock mounds on July 16, 2017. We all enjoyed a lovely hike in Bella Vista with lovely views of the lake and hillsides.

Small water, big fun


Lingle Middle School

It was a warm April morning. I was fighting the urge to go to the pond a couple of minutes away. I knew my mom would say we could go.

“Can we go to the pond?” I questioned. “Sure! It’s a nice day for fishing.”

We rode our bikes over to the normally swampy mess of algae. “Wow!” I thought. “The pond looks really nice.”

I got out my red pole and started to cast. I missed where I was aiming. I reeled in the line and felt something tug. I ripped the pole and spun the spinning thing used to reel fish in. “Mom! Look what I caught!”

I thought this was a good cast. I knew it was going to be a good day at the pond.

Waterfall discovery


Lingle Middle School

Hiking outdoors always entails fun, but I prefer hiking in the spring for one main reason — water.

Spring tends to be a wet season making hiking more exciting. Not only does the rain erode some of the dirt, changing the trail. It also takes the path of least resistance.

I followed a trail of running water and ended up getting some great pictures from the top of a waterfall. I only found the waterway because rain eroded the dirt.

I’m sure you, too, can have a great time hiking in the spring. Just make sure you know your way back to some form of shelter.

Shark in the boat


Lingle Middle School

One day my family and I were on vacation at Orange Beach, Ala. We decided to go deep sea fishing. I was a little nervous at first, but when we got there it was a blast.

My brother Colton and I were catching a whole bunch of red snapper. I thought I was about to get a big one. When I pulled up, it was not a red snapper. It was a shark. I was terrified.

I jumped back. The captain of the boat grabbed my pole. My dad snapped a photo and the captain cut the shark loose. I watched the shark fade away in the dark blue sea.

I will never forget the amazing shark I saw, even though I was scared. I will always remember this moment.

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