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February 13, 2020 Comments Off on Bella Vista trail nears completion Hiking, Latest

Bella Vista trail nears completion

NWA Democrat-Gazette

BELLA VISTA — The central soft surface trails, tentatively named Little Sugar Creek for the prominent waterway along which they flow and occasionally cross, are nearing completion.

“We’re getting close,” Doug Tapp, Community Development Services director, told the city council recently.

Estimates place the completion around mid-March, he said, but the speed is dictated largely by the weather.

Last year’s storms were a huge setback, and the trails likely would have wrapped up in December without them, he said.

The tunnel across Forest Hills Boulevard is done and utility location has started for a tunnel under Lancashire Boulevard, with a second Lancashire Boulevard tunnel to be installed as part of a state project that will begin this summer.

Two bridges, one across Tanyard Creek and one near Lake Windsor, have been completed and footings have been poured for a bridge across Little Sugar Creek, Tapp said.

Trailbuilders have also requested a parking area near the tunnel under Chelsea Road, he said, because that spot provides access to an easy-rated trail without forcing less experienced or able riders and walkers to take a tougher medium-rated trail to get to the easier sections.