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May 27, 2021 Comments Off on Corps studies private-land flooding Latest, Nature

Corps studies private-land flooding

The Army Corps of Engineers is beginning a study to assess the potential impacts of frequent flooding along the public-private boundary at Beaver Lake.

The plan was to purchase property around the inundation area up to elevation 1,128 feet above sea level when land was originally acquired for Beaver Lake in the 1950s. However, funding and resource issues limited the government’s ability to do so. This has resulted in private property being flooded during periods of high water as Beaver Lake fulfills its authorized mission as a flood-control reservoir.

The corps has received funding to study the problem, formulate alternatives and, if acquisition is approved, begin acquiring some of these low-lying areas to address this long-standing issue.

In compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the corps is offering a public comment period around this study. Comments may be submitted through June 10. This comment period provides an opportunity for landowners and the public to discuss possible options, including potential land acquisition, or to suggest alternatives to address the flooding of private lands.

Comments, concerns, and questions can be emailed to:

A website that includes a map of all private land currently or potentially impacted by flooding, an online comment form, and a narrated presentation that provides an overview of the project can be found at:

Comments may also be sent by postal mail to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District, Real Estate Division, attention Chief, Real Estate, P.O. Box 867, Little Rock, AR 72203.

Questions about this study on Beaver Lake can be directed to the to the Beaver Lake project office by calling 501-340-1230 or 501-340-1702.