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May 26, 2022 Comments Off on Student stories bring outdoors to life Featured, Latest, Nature

Student stories bring outdoors to life

Our thanks go out today to the hard-working, sixth-grade outdoor writers at Lingle Middle School in Rogers who penned terrific stories during Lingle’s Nature Days outdoor school.

Students attended all kinds of nature-related classes on two mornings, May 12-13, at Prairie Creek park on Beaver Lake.

I’ve been fortunate to teach the outdoor writing class for many years, watching the students put pencil to paper to write a story about an experience they’ve had outdoors.

Hats off as well to the Lingle teachers and staff who organize Nature Days for the school’s sixth graders. Here are some of the students’ stories:

Out fishing

By Alexis Laughlin

Joe, my grandpa, had taken me out to Beaver Lake to catch black bass. Even though my grandpa was blind and hard of hearing, he didn’t let that get him down. He still enjoyed life as though nothing was wrong.

He lived life with curiosity and ambition, especially when it came to fishing. That’s why he decided to take me fishing down at Beaver Lake to catch black bass. All I have to say that it was the best time I had while out fishing, even though I always loved spending time with my grandpa.

Family hiking

By Yulianna Corleto

About a year ago from today, I went hiking with my cousins and uncles. My cousins and I were talking about many things. I remember feeling exhausted because my uncle was pushing us to hike 3 miles. It was super hot and sunny so we were all hot.

After the hike my uncle went to the car and brought out sandwiches, snacks and drinks. I also remember my cousins and I playing a bunch of mini board games. They were fun times. I miss the summer.

Snow days

By Hailey Hardin

Dec. 30, 2020 my now 10-year-old brother and I were playing on our phones. I was calling my friend. After ending the call I looked out my window at the piles and piles of snow. I knew I just had to go out and play in the snow.

All of a sudden my brother shot out of his room, grabbed me and pulled me outside along with him. We both jumped in the snow laughing. Fortunately I had already put all of my snow gear on before my brother took me out.

We played in the snow in front of our house for around 30 minutes. Then we made the most dangerous decision of our lives. We decided to go deep into the ravine that was full of snow.

Kayaking madness

By Amaia Diaz

In the middle of summer, we decided to go kayaking at Beaver Lake. The waves collided against each other with birds chirping beautiful songs. We kayaked more than three hours on the beautiful lake.

It was so relaxing and peaceful, I wanted to stay forever. It felt like a dream. I always remember how much I enjoyed it. I wish I could do it again sometime.

Fishing for all

By Farrah Reyes

Fishing could be a good hobby for most. It’s a quite easy thing to do also. You can do it with someone else if preferred, a friend, family member etc.

Fishing is simple. First you take a fishing rod. Second you find a clean-looking and big lake. A bigger and healthier lake can equal more opportunities. Third you put some bait on your fishing hook and just throw it in there and wait. Some of the equipment I mentioned can be found at your local fishing store.

Love the outdoors

By Mikayla Patterson

Have you been outside on a nice day and just sat there listening to the birds sing, kids playing maybe if you’re by a lake or river? You can hear the water flowing and hitting the shore.

You can smell the fresh air or something cooking on the grill. You can feel the wind gently blowing your hair. Picture this: You’re out by the lake, you’re sitting under a tree eating your favorite meal listening to the birds sing and the water hitting the shore. You’re relaxed and happy. So next time it’s a nice day and you have a chance to go outside, take that chance and you won’t regret it. Alexis Laughlin fishes with her grandpa in this picture she drew to go with her story.